I decided to celebrate my birthday with my horoscope troll and tons of space textures.

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椎名林檎 (Shiina Ringo) - 熱愛発覚中 (feat. 中田ヤスタカ)

Edit: better quality MP3 :)

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Sleepyhead // Passion Pit

"Like stars burning holes right through the dark

Flickering fire like saltwater into my eyes.”

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Corrin the Doggy

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Gangnam Style (Glee Cast Version) [HALF SPEED]

it sounds like demons at a strip bar and you walk in because demons took you capture and they need to take u too their boss but the boss is at a strip bar and you walk in and everythings in slow mo and theres hot demons pole dancing and you look around and theres gross demons shouting and throwing money and off to the side with a cigar is a big demon guy with a suit whispering something to a waitress and you look at them and they glare at you and then at your handcuffs

#i thought that description was an exaggeration #but no#that’s the perfect description for this

wtf it literally is exactly a perfect onpoint description you dont understand please press play this is now my jam in hell

That is what it is. No question about. That description is just spot on. 

Shit I didn’t actually think the description would fit so well I am crying

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Throwback Thursday to an old character of mine

"You can trust me Woody, whats an unfunny toon like me gonna do?"

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Coloring old artwork to take my mind off the storm/rain? I think yes. 

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queenlyreality said: psst cool art!