Today I gave my first speech in Speech 101 and I got a 99. The teacher gave me an extra point of extra credit “because it was so freaking cool”.

I also got a chuckle out of the class. 

My speech was about the life cycle of stars 

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What if Lemonzilla was a little less pushover and a little more punk.

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I had a ton of fun at my homecoming, I hope everyone had a good time.

You know how there is a senior prank?

Well, at my school the principal also plays a prank, and this year he put fireworks in the bonfire.

It took us all day to build the fire and we were under strict rules that we basically couldn’t do anything stupid. So putting fireworks in the bonfire was a huge no-no.

Bonus: Me and only one other person knew it was the principal

I wonder how everyone is going to react


Behold: Horse toons in all their beauty.

I’m kinda sorry I bought this abomination into existence.

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Studio Killers - Eros and Apollo

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25. Jadesprite

WOW I’M 1/4 DONE. 

I was getting a bit tired of painting so much, so I did line art this time, but did heavier shading than I usually do. I do like how it came out, this is how I think of the sprites coloration.

In all seriousness, is Carlos ever going to get back to Nightvale.

Also, I can feel a new large plot building up.